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More about us i guess...

Well... You asked for it...

When did it become impossible for people to say what they think without offending someone?

What are you so offended about?

Do you just want to be miserable in life?

We designed this NFT collection because we recognize that the world has changed a lot in a short time, and will continue to change as technology continues to advance at an exponential rate. Technology, values and science are all intertwined with our human experience, but the direction in which we are currently going makes us look like Jackasses.

Our team is made up of men and women from different cultures and lived experiences around the world. We are from the last generation of people that remember what it was like to grow up without being tuned into the world wide web of things, ideas, and useless garbage "content".

It's funny, while we are all based in different regions on this rock floating through space, and have lived very different lives, something very real connects us to each-other. We can easily laugh with each-other as we share funny childhood stories, or even empathize with each-others heart aches and struggles. That's what it is to be human. It's a beautiful thing.

But... It reminds us that the human experience is really quite narrow and limited in scope, and as such, we can easily misinterpret, misconstrue, and become stupid jackasses towards each-other unnecessarily.

See, we experience the world in a never ending series of emotions in an ebb and flow as we go through life.

Wouldn't it be great if we could choose to only experience the greatest emotions?

But that's not how life works.

You could not have one without the other. You wouldn't know what real intense joy was, without real intense pain and suffering. And, it is in the suffering that we learn to appreciate what we have, who we are, and what we want to do with ourselves while we are here.

The fact that we can all share and relate to this human experience, is something special. 

Whether you trust the science and believe we are on a planet floating through space, or for whatever reason you were born before 350 BC and somehow believe we are in a bio-dome firmament on a flat earth, or if you believe the machines have already taken over and we are stuck in a matrix, you can still relate to human emotion.

This is what both connects, and divides us.

While we all have the same basic human needs... The way we have built our society, we have set our lives up to compete against one another to fulfill them.

The socio-political and economic structure by which we are ruled is one that doesn't allow for unity.

It is a me vs. you system.

There needs to be winners and losers for the system to function, and we have marginalized 90% of the global population into believing "it is what it is" and there is no other way.

With this sort of philosophy in life, no wonder we can't get along.

But there is a silver lining.

In 2009 the first open-source software cryptocurrency was released.

Many moons from now, when we are all dead and gone, and a race of artificially intelligent donkeys rule Mars... That technological introduction could go down in history as being a point in time where human beings started the journey towards becoming financially independent.

We would like that future to be one built on collaboration, togetherness, and shared growth.

But, it is, and has always been, in the hands of the people.

With the way technology has advanced to date, and how our current social experience is shaping, for the next generations below us, NFTs are going to be with us for the long-run.

NFTs will one day be our digital identify, our passports, our social status, and our access passes to whatever it is we decide use them for.

Is it stupid?


But, it's clear to us that this will be the case.

Maybe a trolling internet donkey is stupid also, but maybe, it takes that sort of stupid to show people we aren't all that different.

If we can use a simple angry internet trolling donkey to show people the reality of how stupid it is that we argue on every issue, when we are all human and all connected, then maybe we will have an impact, however small, and maybe, just maybe, we can contribute to writing a better future.

Shit... I didn't expect to have this much to say...